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Specialist in the sale of semi trailers

new and used

Who are we ?

Specialized in the sale of new and occasion SEMITRAILERS, SAVIM knew to be surrounded by allies among the best to circumvent in this activities sector, in particular via the choice of the marks of new vehicles which she wished to represent.

Concerning the vehicles of occasion, SAVIM offers all the marks and all types of semitrailers (steel and aluminium buckets, fuel, food, chemical, gas and powder tank, van, refrigerator, platform, container-ships, carry-machines, Savoyard, tautliner etc…) that it leaves in the state or that it reconditions according to the requirements of the future users.

Our company has a workshop to repair the vehicles (from which leave on average each year more than 500 vehicles) in order to adapt as well as possible at the requests of its increasingly eager customers of materials “revised” and ready to function.

Thus, since its creation in 1988, our company knew to show its capacity to be adapted as well to the French market as international.

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